Graphic Design

David Carson

Poster design made with a collage inspired on the work of David Carson using the word “Soul” as a concept.


Poster made to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this well known typography used around the world.


Corporate identity made for Planet, an NGO focus in providing water to poor peopleo from isolated villages of the third world to improve the live condition of the community.


Dedicated to outstanding unknown women, made my classmates. Here the section that I made for the book with a collage and my proposal for the front page.

The time

Poster made using digital collage inspired in the sentence from “Alice in Wonderland” by the Mad Hatter: “If you knew time as well as I do, you wouldn’t talk about wasting it”.


Funny work in which I’ve mix digital and manual design. Using an acrylic texture and playing with different shapes digitally, I made this poster for a carnival.