Flecha creativo


La vie en Bic

Drawing is my passion, a way to communicate, to dream, to get away and to convey something inside me. I mostly draw with a ballpoint pen, usually in black and white.

Black and white has something that makes special a drawing, a picture or a classic movie. And drawing with a ballpoint pen, even though is difficult, gives the drawings a powerful amazing look that I love. Besides ballpoint pen, I work too with graphite, charcoal and still learning and discovering different materials and techniques to work with.

I do commission works, either portrait, pets, urban landscape… If you have any idea of what you want or see something in the gallery similar to what you’d like, just contact with me and we’ll talk about it.

If you are curious about my drawing working process I have added an example. I hope you like it:

Dibujo de lobos a bolígrafo
The three tenors
Trees ballpoint pen drawing
In the woods
Two_kids pen drawing
Lucas & Leo portrait
Evy portrait
Dog and girl ballpoint pen portrait
India & Trajana
quercus ilex ballpoint pen drawing
Quercus Ille
Retrato de Freya
birch drawing
Solo en la oscuridad
Alone in the dark
Robin Williams a bolígrafo
Robin Williams - Good Morning Vietnam!
Cardo a carboncillo
Nigella Damascena
Retrato de Luisa
Luisa Portrait
peregrine_hawk ballpoint pen drawing
Peregrine Falcon
Dibujo a bolígrafo tres lobos interactuando
In the wild
Dibujo a lápiz de una planta
Golden eagle - Cat
Dibujo a lápiz de 3 monjes
Three mourners
Iglesia de Traguntía
Traguntia church